Medicare Patients

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Wound Care Resources bills for VAD surgical dressings and supplies for patients covered by Medicare B and many Medicare advantage plans. All products are currently covered by Medicare B including prepackaged customized dressing trays, individual surgical dressings and other necessary products such as drapes, bonnets, gloves, securement devices, water barriers, cleansers and more.

WCR automatically bills both Medicare B as well as patients’ supplemental policies. Patients who have a supplemental policy that covers dressings and supplies will have little or no out-of-pocket copay expense.

Medicare guidelines require WCR to send statements to patients informing them of billing activity. Hardship waivers are provided for those financially unable to pay copay amounts.

All orders to be billed to Medicare begin with a completed order form signed by the patient’s doctor. This completed form and a copy of patient demographics will be faxed to us by a member of the patient’s VAD team.