About Us

Wound Care Resources has specialized in insurance billing for patients with wounds since 2006. After becoming aware of the needs of the VAD community in 2010, WCR began billing patients’ insurance companies for surgical dressings needed for driveline exit site maintenance.

Our relationships with clinicians and patients have given the staff of WCR an understanding of the unique needs of VAD patients. That is why our surgical dressing warehouse has a complete selection of products requested by VAD clinicians and patients nationwide along with specialty products for infections, tape allergies, sensitive skin and more. Most dressings and supplies shown on this site can be billed to insurance and are shipped free of charge to the patient’s door before the previous order is depleted.

Our goal is for patients to pay as little as possible out-of-pocket through insurance billing, but there are sometimes patients who must purchase dressings and supplies. Our way of helping to support the proper care of driveline exit sites is to offer our lowest discounted pricing on both brand name products and less expensive comparable products. Products shown on this site are available for purchase through Advanced Medical Resources, our sales/distribution company.

Patient care and infection control are priorities for Wound Care Resources, and we work hard to share our knowledge and to earn the confidence of VAD teams, patients and caregivers. Our friendly and efficient support team members will create a worry-free ordering experience by contacting every patient monthly and are available by phone to address questions or concerns Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST.

Unlike other companies that specialize in equipment billing and send dressings on the side, our support team at Wound Care Resources are experts in surgical dressing formulation and usage. When it comes to VAD dressings and supplies, no other company offers the personalized, knowledgeable and reliable service that Wound Care Resources provides.

Dressings are our specialty … it’s all we do!