Billed orders: Medicare B orders are shipped the day they are received if faxed orders reach our office before 2:00 p.m. CST.  Orders billed to Medicaid or private insurance for the first time are typically shipped within 24-36 hours or after we receive a pre-certification from your insurance company.  After the initial work is done to process your first order, subsequent orders will arrive each month before products are depleted. There is no cost for shipping billed orders.

Purchased products: Advanced Medical Resources, our sales/distribution company, offers deeply discounted pricing for VAD patients. Orders received by 2:00 CST during normal business hours are shipped the day they are received and typically arrive at the customer’s door within 2 days. Sales tax will be applied in accordance with state and federal laws. When only purchased products are shipped, the following shipping and handling charges apply:

 Total Purchase Shipping & Handling
   Up to $25      $14.95
  $25 – $100      $12.95
$101 – $199        $9.95
 Over $200     FREE Shipping


Shipping billed and purchased products together: Wound Care Resources will gladly send your purchased products along with billed items. Simply give us a call or write us a note on the Contact Us form, and request that we coordinate the shipping of your billed and purchased products. Boxes containing both billed and purchased products ship for free as long as the weight is not significantly affected and a larger box is not required. If the shipping weight is significantly affected or if the box size is larger due to the inclusion of purchased products, a flat $5.00 will be charged. Sales tax will be applied in accordance with state and federal laws. WCR routinely ships By UPS Or Federal Express. 
Most orders are received in 1-2 business days after processing. The following holidays will be observed by our office when standard shipping service is not available: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year ’s Day.